GRIMM: Poseydon + Stonemule

Start om 20:30

20u30: Stonemule – Punk infused stoner Rock/Metal, spiced up with some hammering, Sludgy tunes.
21u30: Poseydon – Death / Thrash Metal
22u30: Afterparty met GRIMM DJ-Team

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Kinky Star Feesten Dag 7: GRIMM Night

Start om 21:00

Dag 7 van de Kinky Star Feesten is er eentje in samenwerking met GRIMM Gent! Maak je maar op voor de metalen van het zwaardere kaliber!

22u The Scalding
he oldest traces of THE SCALDING date back to the end of 2012, when the band was originally formed by Marcel Hendrix (guitar), Cliff Demandt (Guitar), Ruud Haan (Bass) , John King (Drums) and Boris Cornelissen (Vocals). With decades of experience in former bands like Leng Tch’e and Carach Angren the band started to compose THE SCALDING’s first songs which was a mix of hard thrash metal with a groovy shade.

Beginning 2013 a new drummer, Erik Beckers, joined the band. With this line up change also the musical execution changed into a blasting sound of new modern death metal. THE SCALDING was ready to record their first EP ‘THE CONSCIOUS DILEMMA, which was recorded at the TomsterProject studio.

Mid 2014 Boris decided to leave the band and make space for THE SCALDING’s new extreme and dedicated frontman Benny Ubachs. Influences of bands like Hatesphere, The Black Dahila Murder, Aborted and Misery Index. The aggressive riffs, blistering blast beats and homicidal grunts THE SCALDING is ready to crush stages and set a high standard of Dutch modern extreme death metal.

Hop on, or get run over!

00u Signs Of Algorithm
Signs Of Algorithm is a Belgian Metalcoreband. Basically, an algorithm is a mathematical term to become a solution out of different parts. “Whilst making our music we go through a similar process. We combine different genres, different patterns, different influences to build new songs.” The band name is directly connected to the creation of their very own music. That’s the story behind Signs Of Algorithm.

03u Speed Queen
Get ready for a heavy metal attack!

Speed Queen from Belgium plays high speed, energetic, bitchin’ heavy metal. Call it whatever you want: 80’s revival, new wave of Belgian heavy metal or just straight up rock ‘n roll…our amps go to eleven!

So grab your leather jacket and put on your sister’s jeans, that’s heavy metal if you know what I mean!

Currently taking on Europe with gigs in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Switserland, Italy, France,… and more coming up!
Already crushed stages with Evil Invaders, Blizzen, Iron Curtain, Ambush, Hitten, Ostrogoth, Exumer, Space Chaser and many more!

Afterparty met Mein Herz Bernd & Beyonder – DJ
Check in voor een exclusieve rondrit door de (onder)wereld van hardrock en metal!

21u00: Doors
22u00: The Scalding
00u00: Signs Of Algorithm
03u00: Speed Queen

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